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Magnify your efforts by directly linking your ambassador marketing program to your webshop through Brandbassador’s eCommerce integrations. Track sales, provide your community with discount codes, and reward ambassadors with commission, gift cards, and freebies. 

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Select your eCommerce platform below to discover the possibilities with Brandbassador’s comprehensive integration.

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Our award-winning ambassador marketing platform is the all-in-one solution for strengthening brand engagement and boosting revenue. Learn more about our features.

Manage Relationships

Nurture relationships with unlimited ambassadors and mobilise your own customers, followers, and fans all in one place.

Gamify Engagement

Create completely customised “Missions” that allow you to activate your community in exchange for exciting rewards.

Content Creation

Inspire trust. Promote your brand through high-quality, genuine content created by your passionate community. 

Track ROI and Analytics

Track and replicate your successes with detailed analytics that show your brand engagement and performance in real-time.

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Browse through the various social media platforms to learn what you can achieve with Brandbassador’s integrations. 


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