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How to Leverage Brand Ambassadors in Your Video Marketing Strategy

By Priya Jain | 8 minute read

In the digital age today, customers are inundated with repetitive ads, one after the other. Customers want to interact with other people – making way for brand ambassadors.

Irrespective of how well you personalise your message, no matter how many insights you use in your targeting and how much effort you put into reaching an audience, competing with the power and credibility of a trusted friend is impossible.

That's why companies leverage the power of brand ambassadors to reach their audience and build trust with them. Brand ambassadors are celebrities and renowned personalities. They can even be people who love your brand and your products. These people are passionate about your brand, actively use your products and share the same values and beliefs as the brand.

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As these ambassadors are influential people, they can sway the perceptions of others through their status. This makes it essential to leverage the power of brand ambassadors in your video marketing strategy.

In this article, we discuss how to leverage the power of brand ambassadors.

7 Ways to Utilise Brand Ambassadors in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Here are a few ways to leverage brand ambassadors in your video marketing strategy:

1. Introduce your products with an unboxing video

In an unboxing video, brand ambassadors film themselves opening a product and talking about the first impressions, use cases, brand perks, and features.

Unboxing videos help customers and followers of brand ambassadors decide whether the product is worth trying. These videos are detailed and in-depth, showing the products' main features. 

Make sure your content is inclusive. Using an online subtitle editor, focus on inserting subtitles to the unboxing video to make it more accessible for everyone.

Unboxing videos present an opportunity to raise awareness among their target audience. Most ambassadors review products this way and gladly accept products from a brand if they know how their audience would perceive the products.

According to Google, 20% of customers watched an unboxing video before making a purchase. If you're interested in enhancing your website's credibility and engagement, you might also want to embed Google reviews on your website.

2. Practice brand promotion with a Q&A session

During a Q&A session, brand ambassadors reveal the product benefits. Ensure to guide your ambassador community to create videos which are entertaining and packed with information.

When customers find out the people they trust are explaining things they have been struggling with for years, they are likely to try the product.

One way to leverage brand ambassadors for your video marketing strategy is conducting a live Q&A session where customers can ask influencers or community managers about real-time issues. They provide insightful and informative answers, encouraging followers to buy the products or use the services.

So, choose a brand ambassador who is knowledgeable in your niche, making it easier for them to show their expertise in the relevant field.

Q&A sessions help solve customer problems and are a great way to answer queries.

3. Create 'how-to videos for your products

Products requiring step-by-step explanations may be difficult for customers to read and understand. Focus on creating step-by-step video tutorials of products explaining important details and features. For new brands, creating how-to videos are an excellent way to:

  • Introduce customers to a new product
  • Explain why your product is better than competitors
  • Show the real value of the products
  • Show detailed instructions on how to use the product

For instance, a company may ask their ambassador community to create a videos, 'How to get creative with your makeup'. The ambassadors can explain creative methods for using their cosmetic products.

This way, these ambassadors put your products in front of their followers without being pushy and sales-oriented.

Before asking brand ambassadors to create the content, give them examples of the type of how-to video you’d like them to create and share your video content guideline with them. Here’s a video guideline template you can customise for your brand if you don’t already have one.

4. Post brand ambassador videos on multiple platforms

Often, brand ambassadors may be active on a single social media platform and post their videos and short-form content on a single platform. As a result, you may miss out on significant results you otherwise may have encountered.

Explore different social media platforms to know platforms that deliver maximum results.

Share your videos on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram after knowing your audience’s preferences. Utilizing a reliable video compressor to optimize your video content for each platform is essential. Sharing content based on what the audience of a particular platform prefers is crucial. As every platform has a distinctive audience, you must identify different approaches.

For instance, TikTok is suited for short videos, whereas YouTube might be a better option for long-form content. Try to read your audience’s preferences to improve your upcoming videos.

Don’t limit your brand ambassador reach to only one platform. Having a solid presence on all your social media platforms increases your reach.

5. Run a contest on Instagram

Brand giveaways are the leading way to increase engagement and views to your Instagram Reels. Partnering with a brand ambassador to run a contest helps you create excitement among your followers. It also introduces your brand to new followers and enhances your reach.

As a rule of thumb, customers love freebies and happily participate in social media contests to win branded products.

To become eligible to win a prize, customers have to like the page or invite friends to follow your official page. Contests benefit your brand because your audience can use your products without spending a dime.

Pro-tip: Partner with other brands to offer a bundle giveaway and gain new followers from their audience. 

6. Create product comparison videos

Product comparison videos do not necessarily imply roasting your competitors. Keeping things positive and objective helps potential customers see your brand above the competitors. When creating product comparison videos, convey why your product is superior instead of highlighting the negatives about the competitor. 

Differentiate the best features of your products from the competitors.

Many brand ambassadors and influencers make a feature-by-feature comparison of their and competitors’ products to help customers make the right choice.

Notice how an influencer compares three different planning tools.

The influencer even offers two months of free Skillshare premium membership to the first 1000 people who click the link. That’s the power of video marketing.

Google gives preferences to short product and product comparison videos, making it a must for every brand to create this type of video content.

7. Encourage brand ambassadors to create short and crisp videos

People prefer to watch short videos because of a lack of time. Customers don't want to spend time on spending they feel might not be worthy.

In addition, short videos execute better than long ones. When requesting brand ambassadors to create videos, focus on these aspects:

  • Start your videos by answering customer queries
  • Convey the information in a concise manner
  • Limit the video length to 2 minutes or less
  • Use catchy data and language to attract the customer's attraction

Short videos are the key to success because it helps the brand ambassador deliver the right message at the right time.

If one video is enough to leave a lasting impression on the customers, create just one video. Don't rush to create videos just because your competitor creates multiple videos for the same topic.

Ensure all the videos you create have a purpose and convey some message to your viewers.

Leveraging the power of brand ambassadors like never before

Brand ambassadors are here to stay, but how brands utilise these professionals have drastically changed. Today, ambassador marketing is not only about celebrities promoting brands – it’s much more about community and authenticity.

So, if you’re considering a brand ambassador for your brand, choose existing customers, followers, and fans who have a genuine interest in your product and knowledge about the products you sell. This helps them build a connection with their followers.


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