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10 eCommerce Fashion Brands We’re Crushing On

By Brandbassador | 9 minute read

eCommerce fashion brands are changing. With new ways to interact with companies, brands are being challenged to find new ways to connect with their customers. 

Today we’re looking at 10 brands that are changing the world of fashion and fashion accessories. 

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10 eCommerce Fashion Brands to Watch

1. Emmiol

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Who they are: 

Emmiol is a unique eCommerce fashion brand that reimagines the styles of yesterday. With fashion styles ranging from the 90s to early 2000s, fairy grunge, vintage, and cyberpunk, they embrace finding a style that makes a statement. Their main audience is Gen Z.

Why we love them: 

For a start, they’re bringing back cargo pants. Enough pockets that we’ll no longer need purses? Yes, please! It’s fun seeing styles from the 90s and early 00s come back around. But Emmiol also puts an emphasis on sustainability. 

We also love their themed mystery boxes that dare the consumer to risk a surprise gift. A great way to get rid of old stock at low prices while gamifiying the shopping experience. Their E points system gives customers the opportunity to collect points to claim up to 30% off.

Lastly, we love that Emmiol is a champion for women’s rights.

2. Cider

Who they are: 

Cider is another funky fashion brand dedicated to creating statement pieces for all women. They have a wide range of clothing, from more simple styles to pieces that pop. They have a mobile app that features live shopping shows, daily new drops and faster checkout.  

Why we love them: 

The unique feature on Cider’s website that allows you to filter your shopping experience by how you’re feeling. “Pick a Mood”, allows you to look for products that fit a descriptor such as “Cute”, “Nostalgic”, “Grunge”, and more. 

They’re dedicated to building community with an entire Instagram page and Discord channel dedicated to the @cidergang

3. Quince

Who they are: 

Quince is a fashion and lifestyle brand that prioritises quality at an affordable price point. Their mission is to create products that are equal or greater quality than leading luxury brands but at a much lower price. 

Why we love them: 

Quince believes that everyone should have access to quality products that last a long time. They are able to keep their prices lower by avoiding the expenses involved in the traditional supply chain. 

By making luxury, quality clothing and accessories that last a long time more price-accessible, Quince is helping make the fashion industry more ecologically sustainable. Did we mention they also sell bedding?

4. Portland Leather

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Who they are: 

Portland Leather started as a company that wanted to make sure that people could find leather bags that were simple, high quality, and affordable. With leather bags being classified as luxury with high price points, Portland Leather decided to put real leather in the hands of everyday consumers. Now they’ve expanded their line to include wallets, shoes, hats, and more.  

Why we love them: 

Quality leather bags starting at $90-$150. What’s not to love? Portland Leather sources their hides locally from the US beef industry. This reduces waste. They never paint or coat their leather with synthetic materials. This means you may end up with some small “imperfections” on your product - the marks of real hide and quality leather. 

Portland Leather runs an affiliate program where consumers can earn rewards, and regularly feature customer content on their website and social media feeds. 


Who they are: 

OOFOS is an eCommerce fashion brand that specialises in “recovery footwear”. Their shoes and sandals are designed to absorb more weight and reduce impact so you can rest and recover after an intense workout or long day on your feet. 

Why we love them: 

OOFOS uses science to help you actually feel recharged after spending time on your feet. Their design reduces the pressure on your feet and joints. Their products are perfect for athletes and labourers who spend long periods of time walking and standing. 

OOFOS also has a program where 100% of profits from any of their Project Pink styles in October (and partial portions of profits from any other October sales) are donated to the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research Team. 

OOFOS runs a partnership program where health and wellness professionals can act as affiliates and earn commission and other rewards.

6. Intimissimi

Who they are: 

Intimissimi is a lingerie brand that was started in 1996 but has definitely kept up with the times. Based in Italy, Intimissimi seeks to produce pieces that reflect the romantic and sophisticated Italian style while keeping products high quality. 

Why we love them: 

Intimissimi is another company that is highly dedicated to sustainable practices. They are in the top 20 companies with the highest rate of transparency according to the Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index. Each product page contains a section that allows you to dig into the details of the production plant where the garment was made.

Did we mention that they recently announced Jennifer Lopez as their new global brand ambassador

7. YoungLA

(Image Source)

Who they are: 

YoungLA is a lifestyle clothing brand from Los Angeles, California that focuses on making unique products rather than large quantities in the vein of fast fashion. Their style is simple, comfortable athleisure wear. 

Why we love them: 

Another brand that wants to make quality clothing more affordable, YoungLA is redefining fitness wear. Clothing made for sports and fitness needs to be high quality to last and help - rather than hinder - your performance. But quality fitness wear can be costly. YoungLA combats this by making their products a fraction of the cost of many other fitness brands.

They also wear and test each product themselves for a period of time before selling it - to ensure it is a piece they would stand behind. 

8. Monos

Who they are: 

Monos is a luggage and travel accessories brand based in Canada that aims to make timeless, quality luggage at a price point that everyone can enjoy. 

Why we love them: 

Monos doesn’t just produce quality luggage - they’ve evaluated current trends and redesigned them to make them more functional. They prioritise quality overall, with extensive quality testing and rigid factory standards. They’re also members of climate neutral and 1% for the planet.

Their website features entertaining videos of cases undergoing testing such as tumbling, mileage, stairs and roads, and more. They have a lifetime warranty and a 100-day risk-free trial.

Keeping your valuables safe through your travels is vital. And Monos wants everyone to have access to luggage that takes a load off your mind. Their brand ambassador program allows consumers to partner with Monos and earn rewards for creating online content. 

9. Skims

Who they are: 

Skims is an eCommerce fashion brand that specialises in loungewear, underwear, swimwear, and shapewear. It was co-founded by Kim Kardashian, Emma Grede, and Jens Grede in 2019. Their goal is to create pieces that enhance your curves and provides flattering pieces for every body type. 

Why we love them: 

Skims produces pieces that range from XXS to 5X in nine different shade options. Their pieces are simple and stylish. We love their extensive range of styles, minimal look and focus on comfort. Their influencer program allows you apply in a few simple steps and link your Instagram account as a minimum. However, all major social networks can be linked. 

10. Calpak Travel

(Image Source)

Who they are: 

Calpak Travel is another affordable travel brand that wants you to travel smartly and stylishly. They’re a family-owned and operated business that looks to modernise travel accessories and provide luggage that upcoming generations of travellers will be excited to show off around the world.

Why we love them: 

Calpak focuses on functional, smart design without compromising style. They design products with TSA and other travel regulations in mind and offer a variety of designs from bold prints to minimalist, timeless pieces. 

Understanding the struggles with affordable travel, Calpak’s products are high-quality but low price - allowing you to spend a little extra wherever it is your travels take you. They also run an affiliate program that allows customers to earn commission on any referred sales plus a reward program that gives you $5 credit just for signing up!

Final Thoughts 

There are thousands of amazing eCommerce fashion brands currently redefining the way we shop. With a stronger focus on community and quality, consumers are able to interact with their favourite brands in new ways.

We love brands that are finding ways to create affordable, quality products. More consumers are able to access clothing and accessories that will last a lifetime and lower their ecological footprint. And that’s a win for everyone.


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