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How to Work with Ambassadors to Boost Your Holiday Marketing

By Brandbassador | 6 November, 2020

Throughout the year brands have many important dates in their calendars. This could be sample sales, new product launches, or key holidays in your local country or those you sell in. There’s certainly no lack of special days that are ideal for promoting your brand – whether it’s Halloween, Rosh Hashanah, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Eid, Earth Day - there are hundreds, even thousands of dates for your marketing diary.

Read here our marketing trends forecast to view more ways in which you should aim to promote your brand this year.

Selecting your important dates

When choosing the best days to amplify your marketing, it’s important to make sure your messaging really fits with the spirit of the day. For instance almost all brands can jump on Black Friday, however only those with a sustainable angle should promote their products with a link to Earth Day.

Consumers will notice tenuous links and see through clear attempts to piggyback off awareness days that don’t seem to fit with your products or brand values. So keep your choices simple and meaningful.

Local holidays and commercial holidays in the countries you sell to are often a safe bet for brands to join the conversation without causing offence. You could promote seasonal products, share special holiday offers or just join in with themed social media content.

Days known for sales, such as New Years Day and Black Friday can provide you with a great opportunity for new and repeat business by offering exclusive discounts and deals.

Knowing when to make use of brand advocates can be a tricky task as well. Click here to see how influencer marketing helped the brand MY FAM POSTER flourish.  

How can ambassadors help? 

In short, your ambassadors are your cheerleading group who will shout about your campaigns and get involved with giving your activities the biggest reach and most impact. Whether you are looking to increase the engagement on your brand posts, generate buzz around your seasonal products or get great user generated content (plus make more sales too!), your ambassadors are your army of passionate fans who can really help to drive your marketing in the right direction.

When should you start preparing for key dates in your diary?

If you have seasonal products, get your ambassadors sharing these early in the season so you generate buzz at the stage people are looking to buy those products. Product seeding can be especially useful for getting your seasonal and new products shared early. Filling your stream with user content is a great way to generate a higher conversion rate – 5.6% of shoppers who see UGC convert, while only 2.1% convert when they don’t see UGC. By making people aware of your products, sales and events early you will build up buzz beforehand, which is extremely important at times like Black Friday when brands are all competing with each other.

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How can Brandbassador help?

We will work with you to ensure your team has everything you need to make the most of your key dates. Our template mission suggestions make it easy for you to whip up new tasks for your ambassadors for holidays throughout the year – whether that’s Singles Day, Black Friday or across the whole Christmas period.

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