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3 Tips to Leverage the Power of Social Buzz from Brand Ambassadors

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 4 minute read

One of the primary purposes of ambassador marketing is to get people to talk about your products or services in a way that will generate more hype and sales, and scale revenue. In most cases, you’ll want the conversations surrounding your brand to be positive and aspirational.

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Activating this kind of social engagement may seem a little easier said than done, so we’ve got a few tips to help you produce brand-related social buzz that will deliver revenue, create content, and build brand awareness.

3 Ways to Maximise Social Buzz with Brand Ambassadors

1. Track Social Buzz Generated by Your Ambassadors 

An ambassador marketing program is a wonderful way to incentivise people who already admire what you do to talk about your company and products across their various social channels. This will spark debate amongst their followers, thereby creating an organic flow of conversation about your company and the products or services you offer. 

By using our ambassador marketing platform, you’ll be able to track this engagement with reported figures on social engagement. This is possible if you run a particular program or set of tasks for your brand ambassadors through the platform. In doing so, you’ll be able to monitor how people are interacting with the program or set of tasks in real time. Additionally, you’ll also learn how your ambassador program impacts your revenue.  

Tracking the revenue and social engagement generated by your ambassadors is an important step on the route toward thriving brand-related social buzz because it will show you if the current state of your ambassador marketing campaign requires a tactical pivot of any kind. If the tracked numbers are low, for example, this could indicate that your chosen ambassadors or selected ambassador tasks aren’t resonating with any of your current or prospective new customers.

The benefit of tracking essentially means you’ll receive a better idea of what specific ambassador content will drive sales for your company through increased engagement. 


2. Build and Monitor Brand Awareness

Task your community of your loyal customers, followers, and fans to create content around causes that matter to you and your brand to generate social buzz and brand awareness.

If there’s one way to build brand awareness, it’s through killer sales that no one can refuse. But sales on your webshop are no good if that sales data can't be attributed. Say hello to ambassador discount codes! 


By assigning unique discount codes to each of your ambassadors to share with their respective communities, you’ll be able to reach a much larger scope of prospective customers. Integrating your eCommerce store with your chosen ambassador marketing tool is important in this regard, as it will enable you to keep track of how many unique ambassador discount codes are being used. 

This indicates which of your ambassadors are more prosperous for your brand, subsequently helping you distinguish what kind of brand advocates connect better with your target audience and provide you with better ROI. This connection is the one you’ll want to continue nurturing as it will drive social buzz (plus brand awareness) and revenue at the same time - and you’ll be able to monitor it! 


UGC images, first: @fashion.with.aya for Baebrow, second: @ophelieldx_ for Hunkemoller, cover: @constantine.fe for Ocean Bottle

3. Optimise Your Campaign Performance Towards Brand Building and Sales

Running an ambassador marketing campaign without the use of an ambassador marketing platform is possible, but it leaves you with a lot of manual and time-consuming work that you may not have the capacity for. The work we’re referring to here is the crafting and execution of unique ambassador tasks (or what we call Missions) for your ambassadors. 

Our recommendation is to optimise your campaigns by enlisting an ambassador marketing platform to automate some of these manual tasks for you. For instance, with our platform, you could make use of our templates or auto-Missions. Auto-Missions mean that every time a social post on your brand page goes live, a new Mission can automatically be created to drive engagement for that post.

Our templated Missions, on the other hand, are templates that our Customer Success team develops according to trends on social media, so it’s quick and easy for you to set up more of the common Missions like seasonal Missions that you’d find over the holiday period. 

With an ambassador marketing tool, you’ll be given the chance to reward your brand advocates for completing certain tasks or earning your company new sales. This process can be automated, which further optimises the functionality of your ambassador marketing campaign. 

Offering your ambassador rewards in this way also motivates them to bring in more sales, since their success in introducing your brand to prospective customers ultimately determines what rewards they may earn. 

We offer brands the opportunity to optimise their ambassador marketing campaigns with automated features that include: recruiting ambassadors, centralised messaging, and marketing tasks or ‘Missions’, as well as granting Missions-specific rewards.

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