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3 Ways to Rev up Your Ambassador Campaign with Plug & Play Integration

Amy Roberts
By Amy Roberts | 5 minute read

We’re always talking about how our tool helps to alleviate all the hours involved in running an ambassador marketing program manually and instead automates the whole process for you, but how exactly do we do that? 

In this post, we’ll look at 3 ways that our plug-and-play integrations can rev up your ambassador marketing campaigns.

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First up, let’s take a look at the integrations that are already set up on the platform that allow brands to easily track the revenue generated by their ambassador communities. We currently have integrations with these major eCommerce platforms: 

  • Big Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Adobe Commerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Centra
  • Salesforce
  • Wix

Our skilled dev team also creates custom integrations for brands whose eCommerce platforms are not included in the list above.

3 Ways eCommerce Integrations Save Time and Track Ambassador Revenue 

1. Tracking Links to Monitor Impact

Tracking links are unique links generated for each individual ambassador that allow them to earn commission on sales made via their link and more importantly, as the name suggests, they allow brands to track those sales. Ambassadors can share their link with their friends and followers and each sale made through their link will be attributed to their account.

Tracking links do not offer a discount on the sale like a discount code, but rather allow ambassadors to earn commission on the sales they make. These links are generated within eCommerce platforms, like Shopfiy, and they easily integrate through our plug and play features. 

It's important to note that for a tracking link to track successfully, the customer has to enter a brand’s webshop through the ambassador's tracking link and complete the purchase in the same session. 

We believe that discount codes are far superior when it comes to tracking or incentivising ambassador sales, but tracking links are useful in scenarios where brands are doing site-wide sales and still want their ambassadors to drive traffic

Let’s take a look at why discount codes are the superior choice. 

onepiece @coachjno 1

UGC images, first: @coachjno for Onepiece, cover: @jacquelynkey for Dippin Daisy's

2. Discount Codes to Incentivise

Your ambassadors will promote your brand better if they actually have your product. To make product seeding easy, we have freebie Missions and code drops set up in our app. Freebie Missions allow brands to send free products to their ambassadors at scale and receive an action in return, such as an Instagram post. 

When seeding products for freebie Missions, we recommend that brands give their ambassadors a 100% discount code and free shipping so that the integration can do its magic and track whether the code is used or not. 

Code drops are designed to help brands move stock on their webshops that aren't moving as fast as they’d like, without the need for them to have to put a sale on their website. Their ambassador community has 24 hours to grab a code and buy a product, creating a sense of urgency which results in rapid sales for brands. The code drop feature allows brands to upload 50 codes at a time with a discount ranging anywhere from 60-100%. 

Discount codes can also be used in any custom Missions created by brands and set at the discount percentage of their choice. 

If a brand is running an eCommerce platform that is still not supported by our system, they might opt for a light integration instead of using one of our plugins to create discount codes automatically.

The main difference from the automatic discount code creation is that the brand has to upload lists of valid discount codes periodically to our platform.

3. Gift Cards to Reward Your Community

Ambassadors can receive gift cards for a brand’s webshop as a reward for completing a Mission, or do cash-to-gift card conversion until they have enough balance in their gift card account to withdraw and spend on a brand’s webshop.

Each time an ambassador earns a gift card reward or converts cash into a gift card, it is moved into their gift card account. When an ambassador wants to withdraw their gift card into a code to spend at a brand’s webstore, brands receive a notification message on their dashboard. 

Ambassadors are able to choose a specific brand from their gift card account, enter the value they would like to withdraw from their balance, and click 'Create Gift Card'. Through a brand integration, a gift card for the specified value will then be created in the brand’s eCommerce solution and the code will be given to the ambassador automatically. They can then spend their gift card in the webshop of their choice using the given code. 

We’ve seen brands use the gift card feature as a great way for ambassadors to purchase products to create content with. 

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