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4 Ways to Utilise Automated Marketing Campaigns for Your Ambassadors

Amy Roberts
By Amy Roberts | 31 August, 2021

If you’ve been following Brandbassador for a while, you’ll know that we’re always talking about ways that brands can create mini-marketing campaigns for their ambassador community through gamified missions on our app. 

However, we’ve realised not everyone understands what we’re going on about when we talk about missions, so in this post we’re going to unpack 4 ways that you can use missions to create automated marketing campaigns for your brand ambassadors. 

1.Generate & Automate Social Buzz

Through our innovative mission maker, brands are able to generate and automate tasks for their ambassador community to create social buzz. To generate a social buzz mission, all brands need to do is set up a new mission around any social media post where they’d like to create hype. The mission could be to like their latest Instagram post, comment on the YouTube video that’s just gone live, follow the brand on TikTok or share a Facebook post.

Brands also have the option to save loads of manual hours of labour by automating their social buzz missions. That means that every time a new Instagram post goes live a new mission can be automatically triggered on the app and ambassadors will be notified to like, comment or share the post depending on the customised T&C’s that the brand has outlined for that specific automated mission. 

2.Drive Engagement

When stuck on ideas on what missions to create, our team of Customer Success Managers have created a library of mission templates that enable Community Managers to save time. These mission templates are centered around driving engagement for your brand on a number of social media channels.

Seasonal mission templates are available for brands to drive engagement in spring, summer, autumn and winter, whilst holiday mission templates can be used to drive engagement around a variety of holiday campaigns.

Thinking of creative ways to drive engagement is made easy through the trending mission templates. These are updated by our team of social media experts in real-time, so that brands can take advantage of mission templates that relate to the latest TikTok trends, for example.  

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3.Increase Revenue

Generating hype around your brand through social buzz and engagement missions is great, but most brands who want to start an ambassador community do so to drive sales and increase revenue - and that’s exactly where we want to see you thriving.

There are loads of creative ways that brands can generate revenue through the Brandbassador app, but among the most popular are missions linked to discount codes, tracking links, and code drops. 

Code drops are designed to help brands move the remaining stock on their webshops that they are having trouble selling, but are reluctant to put on sale on their websites. The code drop feature allows brands to upload 50 codes at a time with a discount ranging anywhere from 60-100%. Ambassadors have 24 hours to grab a code and buy a product. This creates a sense of urgency that results in rapid sales for the brand. 

Looking for more ways to increase ROI? Click here to download our whitepaper on 5 ways to plan an ambassador marketing campaign that drives sales. 

4.Get More Content

It's easy to get content from ambassadors when you set the right missions. Brands have full permission to repurpose any content created by their ambassadors through our app. 

You’re most likely to generate amazing content by creating what we call “hero missions”. These are missions especially segmented for people who already own your product, so there’s no barrier to entry for them to create the content you’re searching for.

Freebie missions are another way to get UGC (user-generated content). These are normally targeted at ambassadors who can promote your product when you give it to them for free. 

Hoping to curate your content in a specific way? No problem! On our app, brands can edit missions in the mission description where particular terms & conditions may be set and ambassadors may be asked to create exactly what you want!

With our advanced gamification setup, it’s never been easier to generate and automate social buzz, drive engagement, and increase revenue through the power of an ambassador community.

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Amy Roberts
Written By Amy Roberts
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