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7 Things Our Platform Gives Brands Who Manage Ambassador Communities

Andrea Haddon
By Andrea Haddon | 7 minute read

We know first-hand how difficult it can be having all your ambassadors scattered over multiple social media platforms, all asking questions and keeping up with hundreds and thousands of discount codes and tracking links. Using our platform allows you, as the brand, to manage all your brand ambassadors in one place, and at the same time.

Learn how to expand your audience with a community of global brand ambassadors in our free case study with jewellery brand Safira. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what brands and their Community Managers get from our platform and how your brand ambassador program is managed through the admin dashboard on the web-based platform. 

7 Benefits of Ambassador Software

1. You Get a 100% Transparent ROI Calculator

We believe in 100% trust and transparency throughout our platform. The numbers speak for themselves and we don’t hide a thing. A few features you can find here are:

  • Total Revenue 
  • Orders
  • Gift Card Rewards 
  • Cash Rewards
  • Cash Withdrawn 

You can see these figures directly on the main dashboard of your profile, which gives you a clear indication as to what’s working effectively for your brand. 

2. You’ll Love the Centralised Communication

This one is a goodie! Our platform allows you to communicate with all your ambassadors in one place. Gone are the days of trying to keep an Instagram DM going.

On the platform, you can message your ambassadors individually or through bulk messages to your entire community. This is perfect for when you’re running a very specific marketing campaign. 

Only want ambassadors with a huge TikTok following? No problem. With our segments and filters, you can find the exact ambassadors that will work for your campaign and bulk message that segment.   

3. It Allows Real-Time Rewards

Your ambassadors will love you for this one!! On our platform, we allow for real-time rewards for your ambassadors. They are allocated via our Missions which we touched on earlier. Once an ambassador completes their Mission it goes straight to you for review and if completed successfully, the reward is distributed to the ambassador. 

Your Missions can be as creative and outstanding as you’d like. Plus you can choose to create missions based on a desired outcome, for example, to generate engagement, content, social buzz, or revenue. Our platform also allows for easy creation of these missions with pre-designed templates allowing for time optimisation, while creating different tasks for your ambassadors.

On your Missions dashboard, you can also easily keep up to date with the Missions you’ve created, Missions you’ve approved, and Missions your Community Manager is still waiting to approve.

Real-time rewards give your ambassadors more security in your brand. Far too often, great ambassadors do wonderful work for brands but they are never rewarded accordingly, and if they are, brands take ages to give their ambassadors the rewards they deserve. 

Our plug-and-play integration is completely set up, so if ambassadors are rewarded gift cards for completing Missions on the app, they can easily spend those well-earned dollars in your webshop. 

4. You Can Plug and Play

Our platform offers amazing plug-and-play features for your brand. You can select one of our many plug-and-play integration options to easily track the revenue generated by your ambassador community. 

Our most popular plugins are Adobe Commerce, Shopify and WooCommerce and if your eCommerce platform isn’t available as an integration yet, our amazing dev team is available to create custom integrations. 

There are 3 major ways that the integration with our platform helps brands to save time and easily track the revenue generated by their brand ambassadors. By integrating with our platform, brands will be able to track discount codes, tracking links, and gift cards affiliated with their store and ambassadors.

Learn more about ambassador marketing with plug & play design and how it can easily integrate with major eCommerce platforms, helping you generate and track sales.

5. It Creates Value Through Social Buzz

Social buzz not only builds hype and awareness around your brand, it also drives sales that are trackable with the right ambassador marketing tool. And the best part? You won’t have to spend a cent on ads through major platforms like Facebook and Google.

We give you full access to the insights of your social buzz value created through Missions on the app. These figures will represent approximately how much your brand’s social performance would have cost you if they had bought this engagement directly from Facebook and/or Instagram ads. 

We display these figures on your dashboard so that brands are able to see the actual monetary value that our app generates and ultimately also how much our app saves brands in the long run. 

Safira _ @larissiia__  1

6. You’ll Have Endless Opportunities to Activate Great Brand Ambassadors

We’ve thought about everything! On our platform, you can set up custom invitation links for your future brand ambassadors to apply to become your brand advocates. From there, you can link this invitation directly to your website and social media pages. 

At this stage, we tend to suggest that a brand develops a unique ambassador sign up page on their website, which we also recommend they use to feature some of their best-performing ambassadors. A page like this on a site is beneficial for two reasons:

  • It will let anyone who visits a brand’s webshop see that they have an exciting brand ambassador community that they can become part of. The sign-up page will subsequently lead potential brand advocates to apply via our app. 
  • You can use a shout-out or special brand ambassador “feature of the week” on your website’s sign-up page as an incentive or reward for some of your ambassador missions.  

7. It Will Save You Time

Time is money and it’s something your brand should not be wasting. We have made it our mission to make our platform as effortless, in terms of navigation, and agile as possible. 

We also have a great Customer Success team that sticks with your brand every step of the way. There’s nothing more frustrating than using new software, getting stuck somewhere, and not having the means to work your way out of it. 

We never want our brands or ambassadors to feel that frustration. Communication consequently informs a huge part of our biz, and it’s something we incessantly strive to maintain. This isn’t a one-way street! The success of your campaign is just as important to us as it is to you. Our functional platform and quick response time will alleviate a lot of the time-constraining tasks you may have had to struggle with if your ambassador campaign was run manually instead.   

So here it is! Your ambassador marketing process just went from daunting to ‘Wow, this is easier than I thought it would be!’ 

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