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2024’s Must-Listen Podcasts for eCommerce Marketers

Trelawney Erwin
By Trelawney Erwin | 7 minute read

Podcasts are one of the best ways to digest information on the go - especially for eCommerce marketers who already spend hours in front of words, pictures, and videos. Whether you listen during your commute, while you’re tidying around the house, out for a walk, or drinking your morning coffee, podcasts turn moments into educational experiences. But in a world where anyone with a half-decent microphone can shout their ‘expertise’ into the world, how do you know what’s actually worth your time? 

Get 4 key projections from eCommerce experts on The Future of eCommerce in 2024 and Beyond.

We’ve collected the 11 podcasts we think eCommerce marketers should take a listen to this year. With a variety of approaches, experts, and focuses, you’re sure to find one or two that practically force you to smash the subscribe button.

Let’s dive in…

11 Marketing Podcasts to Catch in 2024

1. Shopify Masters | The eCommerce business and marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs

You may work in marketing for an established eCommerce brand. But even so, it’s valuable to learn how brands managed to get started. By understanding the challenges that come with getting an eCommerce business running, you’ll be more equipped to keep your eCommerce business running. 

This podcast is officially put out by Shopify, so it’s safe to say they know their stuff. Hosts Shuang Esther Shan and Adam Levinter interview both eCommerce experts and entrepreneurs who’ve navigated the rough seas of eCommerce brand building to learn how they got their start and what skills they had to master to survive.

Don’t be afraid to dig into the archives of this show as well. The older episode format really dove into the nitty gritty skills, while the newer format is shorter - not allowing for quite as much detail. 

2. eCommerce Uncensored

If you’ve ever tried to learn marketing through online courses, videos, and podcasts that made you feel like you were in a hideously boring college lecture, you’re not alone. Learning new strategies to take into your job should be exciting, not leave you struggling to keep your eyes open!

That’s where eCommerce Uncensored comes in. This podcast from a digital marketing agency in the United States feels more like listening to a conversation. Eavesdrop on experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners to gain actionable strategies on sales funnels, analytics, SEO, and - of course - all types of marketing. The tone is fun, casual, and compelling.

3. Secrets To Scaling Your Ecommerce Brand

It’s time to start scaling your brand! But how? Well, as the title of this podcast suggests, hosts Jordan West and Sean Lang are revealing all the secrets to successfully scaling an eCommerce brand. Researching what is and isn’t working right now, Secrets to Scaling Your eCommerce Brand reveals tactics you can start using immediately to grow your brand. 

The podcast releases two episodes a weekend and focuses primarily on advertising techniques to help you maximise your paid traffic streams. Interviews with business owners who’ve scaled to 7+ figures ensure that you’re getting information from the front lines.  

4. Ecommerce Playbook: Numbers, Struggles and Growth

The eCommerce world has changed dramatically since 2020. That’s why the Common Thread Collective agency decided to create the ultimate playbook for overcoming major eCommerce hurdles to grow your brand beyond your wildest dreams.

Hosts Taylor Holiday and Richard Gaffin look at what’s growing the businesses partnered with the Common Thread Collective to help you not only grow a business but teach you to sustain it as well. 

While this podcast is aimed more at business owners than marketers, there are definitely some juicy takeaways for everyone involved in a brand’s success. Episodes such as “Why Your Customer Journey is Everything” and “The #1 Key to Email Marketing” are just two examples of gold for marketers in the eCommerce space.

5. The Influencer Marketing Lab

Looking to improve your influencer marketing strategy? The Influencer Marketing Lab is the podcast for you! Host Scott Guthrie not only covers strategies, but he also looks at the best tech available for influencer marketing, and what’s making headlines (good or bad and why). The podcast also features industry experts such as the head of content innovation and solutions for Meta, Becky Owen, and the partnerships director for Gymshark, Calum Watson - people who are really walking the walk. 

Get a full overview of this marketing strategy that is applauded, controversial, and essential marketing technique for your eCommerce brand.

6. Beyond Influencer Marketing

Another incredible podcast to help you supercharge your word-of-mouth marketing. Beyond Influencer Marketing gets deep into the root of what influencer marketing attempts to achieve. While this podcast is aimed at consultants, coaches, and course creators, the action steps and insights are valuable for anyone running a word-of-mouth marketing program. 

Take the guesswork and overwhelm out of the picture with downloadable resources and expert interviews. 

7. Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

This one’s a doozie. With over 2300 episodes and counting, this one may be better to choose the most relevant episodes for your brand, rather than attempting to tackle the entire archive. Both Eric Siu and Neil Patel are well-known marketing experts running their own companies and courses. And they’ve teamed up to share their experiences with marketers of all kinds. 

Learn tried and true techniques for SEO, conversion optimisation, and more whether you’re just starting out or already well-established.

8. Celebrating the Brand Ambassador

Grab yourself a cocktail and take a sip of the tastiest podcast on this list. Learn about brand ambassadors from a unique perspective as world-renowned mixologist Elayne Duff interviews some of the best brand ambassadors for spirits around the globe. 

Although this podcast doesn’t offer marketing advice, it gives marketers a valuable look into the experience of brand ambassadors and influencers. Learn the expectations, responsibilities, challenges ambassadors have faced, and what they’ve discovered works best. 

Gulping down this podcast will give you a new perspective and help you guide any influencers or brand ambassadors you work with in the future to make sure you maximise your campaign results.

9. The Small and Supercharged Podcast

Calling all marketers of small and mighty businesses. The Small and Supercharged podcast is made specifically for smaller businesses and influencers. Get to know the ins and outs of marketing with the big fish with social media and marketing expert Rhea Freeman. 

Anyone can start a social media account for their brand - fewer people can do it well. The practical advice, stories, and proven strategies are sure to boost your social media marketing results.

10. Honest Ecommerce

Have you ever looked for marketing tips only to feel like you’re reading the same vague blog posts over and over? If so, you need to check out Honest eCommerce. With a tagline of “Cut the BS and grow your eCommerce sales” you know this podcast is going to get right to the action.

Shopify expert Chase Clymer interviews founders and marketers who are seeing results and examines the strategies they’re using. Emulate their techniques to kickstart growth in your own brand. 

11. Cart Overflow: Where eCommerce Marketing Playbooks Are Written & Shared

How do brands drive ROI through email marketing resources? Can you scale your brand through video shopping? Cart Overflow takes a look at the best eCommerce marketers in the business and what they’re doing right now to grow their brands. 

Learn from the best as host Gen Furukawa asks the questions you didn’t know you needed the answers to. Get practical steps you can take each time you listen to level up your eCommerce marketing


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