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#BrandbassadorStories: Ta-Ta Towels Collab with Local LA Ambassador

Andrea Haddon
By Andrea Haddon | 4 minute read

We love it when brand’s venture out of the box for risky and fun ambassador marketing campaigns. In this edition of #BrandbassadorStories, we take a look at how Ta-Ta Towels collaborated with their LA-based ambassadors in person, to create amazing content that is reaching crazy numbers on social media! Ta-Ta Towels participated on Shark Tank in October 2018 where they received a fair amount of brand exposure, so we knew they had the courage to try new things and see great success on TikTok too. 

What Did They Do?

Ta-Ta Towels knew they wanted to collaborate with their ambassadors in person and therefore asked their ambassador community to join them for a TikTok shoot in LA. Emily Rainey, one of their ambassadors, reached out after the brand sent a bulk message out to ambassadors in California through the Brandbassador app. Ta-Ta Towels felt they had a good synergy for a collaboration so they invited Emily to the shoot ready for a great day of content creation. 

The goal of the shoot was to get enough content for four weeks on social media.  They didn’t know what to expect from meeting their ambassadors in person as they’d never done something like this before but Emily Rainey’s approach of positivity and excitement put the brand at ease.  

When Ta-Ta Towels met Emily for the first time it was an instant hit and as such, the brand has since used her to model for a second shoot. 

Ta-Ta Towels normally reach out to modelling agencies for their marketing campaigns but this time around they needed people who had a vast knowledge of how TikTok videos work. And, because it was a long day of shooting, not paying agency model rates was a huge plus.

What Did Their CS Have to Say? 

Ta-Ta Towels’ dedicated Customer Success Manager, Gabi Wright, has been an integral part in helping the brand to brainstorm Mission ideas and has supported them with what they’ve needed to achieve their ambassador marketing goals.

Here’s what she had to say about seeing their success with TikTok, 

“It’s been a real delight working with Megan on the Ta-Ta Towels account, especially seeing the efforts they put into ambassador marketing on TikTok paying off so well. As is normal for any social channel, it took a few weeks to really see the impact of their efforts but their ROI has now more than tripled thanks largely to their Community Manager’s determination to get TikTok to be another revenue stream for the brand.”


When asked why TikTok is one of their main social channels, Megan Webb, Head of Operations at Ta-Ta Towels says “We are very focused on TikTok these days. The amount of sales we get when just one of the videos goes viral is more than a rerun of Shark Tank day. Instagram posts and Facebook posts have never brought in the number of sales we see on a viral TikTok day. The sales usually stay high for about three days each time a video takes off.” 

Do you handle TikTok campaigns in-house or do you outsource them, and why?

We use a company called PO3 for our TikTok and Reels. Making the content needed to post daily is a ton of work and not something we have time to do.

What advice would you give to other brands trying to involve their ambassadors in the production of content?

I would say it doesn’t hurt to reach out and see who’s in the area. You know they love your brand and most would do the shoot for the product so it’s very cost-effective. I would recommend compensating them if they do a great job, making for an easy yes the next time.

What Were The Results?

Emily Rainey’s video currently has over 31.8 million views since going live and Ta-Ta Towels will be using her for another campaign in the near future. They weren’t planning on paying her for the shoot but because it took the whole day they decided to compensate their ambassadors with free products and cash. 

It’s great to see more and more brands experiment with ambassador marketing on TikTok and see amazing results. Ta-Ta Towels had an amazing ROI from this shoot and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves in the future. 

Popsockets is also seeing amazing results with ambassador marketing on TikTok. Want to know more about their secret to success? Read more about their ambassador collab campaign.

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Cover image: @cherr.bearr22 for Ta-Ta Towels 


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