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The Complete Instagram Guide for Micro-Influencers + 5 Expert Tips
Instagram influencers are normally either celebrities, experts, or creatives in a specific field that are relatively well-known and have loads of...
6 Reasons You Need Ambassador Software for your Jewellery Brand
Many brands rely on social media channels to build brand awareness and gain traction with their sales and marketing efforts. Over the last few years,...
Our Community: Book Club Interview with Kevin Kapapiro
In honour of World Book Month, we reached out to Kevin Kapapiro from our team to talk to us about our Book Club. Kevin heads up the book club by...
6 Characteristics of a Successful Brand Ambassador
A brand ambassador has the power to elevate a brand across multiple social channels. They do this through the genuine endorsement of a company's...
Build the Perfect Ambassador Marketing Campaign in 2024 - 5 Steps
Today’s digital landscape has seen a host of companies turn to eCommerce in the hopes of reaching a wider audience by tapping into online markets....
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