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Why we Built Brandbassador

By Brandbassador | 3 minute read

Brandbassador is the result of 10 years of spear-heading social media marketing. Founded in 2017 by Thomas Adams and Ole Fjelberg, the two marketing creatives and co-owners behind social media fuelled multi-million dollar lifestyle brand Onepiece.

The Onesie Takeover

Onepiece was conceived in 2009 as a single product company offering comfortable and relaxed jumpsuits for adults. Through what at the time was ground breaking strategic social media use, the company sky rocketed and created a worldwide craze for jumpsuits. The buzz was so big that in a few months time, it spawned an entire jumpsuit industry in the US and across Europe. In 2011, Onepiece had sold jumpsuits to more than 2% of the Norwegian population.

Today Onepiece has grown in to an international lifestyle fashion brand with offices in Norway, London and New York City – and social media focused marketing that Onepiece helped pave the way for, has become a cornerstone in the industry as a whole. A major success factor of the brand was its focus on getting the product visible on key influencers on social media. This was long before the term “influencer” was even coined –  Onepiece managed to form social media ties with countless celebrities ranging from pop stars such as Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, to super models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne.

With more and more brands adopting to a social media driven strategy, the largest social media accounts soon enough realized their worth – effectively forcing the pricing of product endorsement to rise exponentially. Quick to foresee this trend, Thomas and Ole began exploring new opportunities under the idea of targeting
a wider audience of influencers instead of focusing on the super stars.


Launched in 2015 as a mixture of a marketing concept and a social media experiment. The basics are simple; when purchasing a product, you get a discount based on the amount of followers you have on social media. The concept was not only a commercial success, but it also stirred an uproar in media for it’s boundary-pushing and provocative nature. During it’s campaign it drove several million USD in sales, and reached about 1 billion people in 10 days through press and social media.


Launched later that same year in similar fashion. The concept invited social media users to “hack” the price for a specific product by sharing the campaign online. Every share reduced the price on the product for the campaign’s participants. This resulted in more than 13,000 shares and 8000 products purchased within 48 hours.


With the goal of gathering a wide range of influencers to act as ambassadors for Onepiece, early development of Piecekeeper program began in 2012. As the social media market matured, a need to create a substantial and tactile connection with its influencers was identified. Through transparency and inclusiveness the Piecekeeper participants were treated as part of the Onepiece brand instead of as an advertisement outlet. They were not only handsomely rewarded for the sales and the buzz they generated, but they where also brought on exclusive yacht cruises, trips to SXSW and invited many of parties and events across Europe and the US.

Piecekeeper quickly grew into consistently accounting for 11% of the revenue of Onepiece. Because of this, Piecekeeper became a proof of concept for developing a platform that opens up a similar service for other agile brands to take part of. After four years of studying, streamlining and creating systems for automatization – the Brandbassador platform was launched. It instantly proved itself a success, as the first couple of signed brands increased their revenue with up to 10% within the first month.

Brandbassador is built on 10 years of social media front line experience. In an industry that is highly volatile, it substantially increases social buzz, builds user generated content and enhances revenue.

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