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4 Reasons You Need Ambassador Software for your Jewellery Brand

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 4 minute read

Over the course of the pandemic, companies have relied on social media channels to build brand awareness and gain traction within their sales and marketing efforts. Since most countries enforced lockdown regulations, conducting business online became the new normal. Consequently, some companies manually sought brand ambassadors or micro-influencers to amplify their online presence, while others enlisted the help of ambassador software

Ambassador software is a stack of software tools that helps companies gain new customers by leveraging the influence and impact of word-of-mouth marketing. It is primarily used for the purpose of ambassador marketing and provides marketers with tools to automate the process of enrolling, activating, rewarding, and managing brand ambassadors. With ambassador software’s assistance, B2C companies are able to seamlessly launch brand ambassador programs, whereas in the past this form of marketing could only be performed manually. 

The retail and fashion industry can especially benefit from the use of ambassador software because it entails finding individuals who already support your company to promote your products from a place of genuine interest. 

Social media platforms are often channels that consumers visit to find inspiration for their personal style, so promoting your fashion brand with brand ambassadors that are active on those same channels will undoubtedly pique consumer interest. 

A jewellery brand, in particular, could gain significant online momentum and sales growth through this form of marketing. Here, we break down how ambassador software ultimately facilitates such growth.  

1. To Find a Voice that Matches Yours

Choosing the right brand ambassador for your ambassador program can be a difficult and tedious task. You’ll want to find someone whose own lifestyle complements the ethos of your brand, and you’ll spend hours combing through various social feeds in order to do so. 

Ambassador software can perform this task in a much faster and more efficient capacity with automated software tools, ensuring that you only locate potential ambassadors that already support your brand. The software will link you with people who have bought your jewellery items or followers who’ve kept up with your brand on social media platforms. This allows you to connect with individuals who already support what you do, unlike connecting with an influencer who may not have even heard of your brand before. 

2. To See if Your Program is Working

After finding the right people to connect with, you may have a team of ambassadors ready to shout about your products online. But how will you know if their endorsements are actually working to bring in new sales? 

Ambassador software can provide you with analytics that show the performance of your ambassadors in terms of sales growth and online engagement. You could, for example, check out how many customers bought items using a discount code provided by one of your ambassadors. 

Some ambassador software platforms even integrate with eCommerce stores directly to collect this data more efficiently. This kind of integration will allow you to seamlessly check the performance of your ambassadors with regard to their impact on your online sales. 

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3. To Create Relatable, Aspirational Content

You may have heard about user-generated content (UGC) before, but do you have the means to fully implement the acquisition and use of such content?

Ambassador software often allows companies to curate unique tasks for their ambassadors, which gives brands free rein to request the creation of UGC. Once your ambassadors start producing content that features your products, you’ll be able to create a library of graphics outside of what your brand itself produces that you can repost across your social channels. 

This is something that will drive organic interest too, especially because ambassador content feels more relatable to consumers than graphics from paid influencer promotions. 

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4. For the Feedback that You Need to Hear

By enlisting a community of ambassadors to advocate for your brand online, you’ll also open a door to honest and constructive feedback from people that are considered ‘outside’ of the company. 

Your ambassadors don't necessarily know the day-to-day operations of how your jewellery is made, but they can tell you how it makes them feel and what the experience is like to wear it. This is important because it doesn’t resonate in the same way anonymous customer feedback does. 

Because your brand ambassadors already supported your company before becoming ambassadors, they truly care about the journey of your company’s success. Their feedback will therefore come from a place of wanting you to succeed.

Ambassador software offers a portal for communication where you and your ambassadors can easily converse about their experiences with your products and any constructive feedback they may like to share.

Turn Your Customers into Ambassador Heroes    

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