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5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated App for Your Brand Ambassadors

Andrea Haddon
By Andrea Haddon | 5 minute read

Our brand ambassador app is a gamified experience where ambassadors are invited to connect with their favourite brands to take part in creative marketing tasks in exchange for exciting rewards such as points, cash, gift cards, and freebies. 

We offer brands the opportunity to optimise their brand ambassador programs with automated features on the web-based platform that trigger mini marketing tasks for their ambassador communities on our mobile brand ambassador app.

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We recognise that it’s important for brands to meet their ambassadors where they’re at, so having an easy-to-access mobile app that supports an on-the-go lifestyle really helps brands harness the power of their ambassador communities.

Our dedicated brand ambassador app helps brands to see massive engagement from their ambassador communities. Let's dig into how we do this.

5 Reasons an Ambassador App is a No-Brainer

1. It Takes 30 Seconds to Sign Up

No one wants to spend 15 minutes trying to fill out an application for an ambassador program. With our integrated sign-up page customised to your brand, it only takes about 30 seconds for your customers to be converted into your brand ambassadors. This is great for any existing customer looking to work with your brand as an ambassador who earns rewards for their sales efforts. With the simple click of a button, you have brand advocates ready to create a social buzz on your platform of choice.

Upon sign-up, we have an automated welcome function that allows brands to personalise their community’s experience when joining the app and provides an opportunity for Community Managers to detail any important information that they’d like their brand ambassadors to be aware of.

Not only does this function save you time, but it also gives your ambassadors a great sense of community when joining your brand ambassador program.

2. Ambassadors Can Access Marketing Tasks On-the-go

Marketing tasks or what we like to call “Missions” are mini campaigns that you prompt your brand ambassadors to complete on our app in return for a reward.

Imagine a space specifically designed for ambassadors to engage with your brand to generate social buzz, drive sales and create content - well with our brand ambassador app, you have it!

Your ambassadors can sign in to the app directly from their mobile phones, utilise push notifications so they don't miss your most important tasks, and get to work on social media. The best part? The whole experience is gamified so your brand ambassadors can level up while they perform their tasks. And by successfully completing a task, they get rewarded! Plus, your brand gets noticed on all social media channels!

3. It’s a Fun Way for Brand Ambassadors to Get Rewards

When Community Managers create tasks on the platform, they’re able to assign a reward to each task in the form of gift cards, points, cash, or freebies.

Points allow ambassadors to level up within the platform and gain exclusive access to tier-specific rewards or tasks. Points levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond.

Gift cards can be rewarded to ambassadors for successfully completing tasks. Brands can allocate a specific amount to the gift card and upon completion of the task, the ambassador can redeem their gift card from the brand's webshop. 

Cash rewards can be for any amount and are generally recommended to be used dynamically to reward based on performance. For example, $1 per 100 likes. Cash rewards are also deposited into an ambassador's account when they make sales using their unique tracking link or discount codes and ambassadors can track their earnings and cash out right in the brand ambassador app.

Freebies are a great way to welcome ambassadors to your community if they don’t already own your products. It’s important that your brand ambassadors actually own your products because, without them, they can’t create content for your brand and you’d be missing out on a key success factor in any ambassador marketing campaign - UGC (User-generated content).

Aside from welcoming ambassadors with freebies, free products are also a great way to get fresh content for new product launches or ahead of holiday campaigns like Christmas.

You can be as creative with rewards as you like, experiment with them and ambassadors will be able to view all of their rewards with ease on the app.

4. Ambassadors Can Link Their Social Accounts

Upon signing up to the brand ambassador app, one of the first things an ambassador will be prompted to do is connect all their social media accounts directly from the app. With a few simple clicks, ambassadors will have all their social channels integrated with the app so you can easily track engagement from various social platforms.

Our current integrations allow ambassadors to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, and their blog

5. It Makes Tracking Data a Breeze

Ambassadors can easily track all their data under their profile within the ambassador app. They can see what level they’re on (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) and what requirements are needed to level up. They’re also able to see how much money is available in their cash account as well as their gift card account.

Ambassadors can also view how many members are in their team. The team feature allows anyone on the app to invite people to join their team via an email invite or they can share the invite link. Ambassadors get 20% of what their team earns on sales in cash commission.

On their profile, ambassadors can see the total number of sales made, their total points, and the number of tasks they’ve completed. Under their total sales, they can also see a summary of the commission earned for those sales.

We’ve created a fun, rewarding user experience for ambassadors through the brand ambassador app. Want to learn more about how to get started with the app for your own community?  Book a demo with us to see how it all works!


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