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NA-KD and Hunkemöller Spark Growth Through Collaboration

Amy Roberts
By Amy Roberts | 4 minute read

We love it when two of our brand partners come together to share in their brand ambassador marketing success. Hunkemöller and NA-KD are two such brands that reconnected through their Customer Success Manager, Maeve. 

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NA-KD and Hunkemöller's Collab Campaign

What Did They Do?

They utilised Missions on our platform to increase their engagement, get UGC (user-generated content) and grow their communities. Missions are small-scale marketing tasks, crafted on our platform, that brands can set for their brand ambassadors to accomplish in exchange for a reward. 

Hunkemöller wanted to use a collaborative Mission to scale their ambassador community and promote sign-ups to their brand ambassador program while NA-KD wanted to gather more UGC from their ambassadors and create brand awareness.

What The Team Had to Say 

Maeve says, “It is amazing to learn that some of our brand partners have previously collaborated outside of the [...] platform. In using the [...] software to strengthen the partnerships brands have, they are also providing an exclusive and unique experience for their ambassadors.

Eimear, our Head of Customer Success was excited to see this partnership emerge because “although our primary goal is to ensure our brand partners see success through ambassador marketing we have an overarching goal to help them achieve their overall brand vision. Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between our brands helps bring them one step closer to achieving their vision.” 

Here’s How They Did It

After brand emails were exchanged by their CSM, Missions were discussed individually with each brand to ensure their campaigns would bring about the outcome they hoped to achieve. 

Hunkemöller launched a freebie Mission where they gave free NA-KD cardigans from their new collection to approximately 8 ambassadors by sharing discount codes for each brand. Both brands created simple social follow Missions for each other by calling out to their ambassadors to follow the other brand on Instagram.

Both brands also created a Mission to ask their ambassadors to sign up to the other brand’s ambassador program using unique invite links.

What Were The Results?

From the collab, NA-KD gained 102 new ambassadors and Hunkemoller gained 88 new ambassadors, with a strict approval process.

When asked about the benefits she sees from collaborating with other brands to increase engagement on ambassador marketing campaigns, Anouk Hoeijimakers, NA-KD’s Ambassador Community Manager had this to say, “it is a good way to keep the ambassadors excited. Especially because we had Missions where they could get pieces from the new collection and because of this, the ambassadors felt special.”

Could you tell us a bit about how you went about planning the ambassador marketing campaign with Hunkemöller?

I was in contact with Celina and we had a weekly meeting to discuss the plans we had for the collaboration. In addition to the meetings, we had contact via email and we kept each other informed about changes in the launching date for example. The goal was to create awareness and to gain ambassadors.


It was great to see the success of NA-KD and Hunkemöller’s collaboration. The brands are looking to continue their brand love match by launching a collection together in the near future. 

We’re seeing more and more that our platform is not just a place where brands can access ambassador software but also a place where they can connect with like-minded eCommerce brands to further scale through epic partnerships. 

Maeve concluded that, “Being able to support the strengthening of brand partnerships is incredibly rewarding. Though Hunkemöller and NA-KD had collaborated previously, we are excited at the prospect of facilitating new partnerships between like-minded brands and their communities.” 

Where to Next?

Our ambassador software platform has everything you need to create the perfect ambassador marketing campaign. From a top-notch automation system and a built-in message feature for your ambassadors to a user-friendly reward distribution system, there is no doubt you can have a smooth and successful ambassador marketing strategy.

Ready to become a part of a brand community that’s all about celebrating shared success through ambassador marketing? 

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