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10 eCommerce Marketing Agencies for Max Growth in 2024

Trelawney Erwin
By Trelawney Erwin | 9 minute read

Finding the best eCommerce marketing agency for your brand can be a tricky feat. The truth is, there is no one best marketing agency. Rather, there’s a best fit for your unique challenges and goals. 

Agencies can take a look at the health of your brand and create strategies to optimise growth and tackle current marketing trends. To discover the eCommerce agency you would pair best with, we’ve collected a variety of organisations with different focuses and approaches. 

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Even if none of the picks on our list are right for you, you may come away with a better understanding of what you’re looking for in an agency, allowing you to narrow down your search and find the eCommerce agency best suited to your needs.  

10 of the Best eCommerce Marketing Agencies

1. Common Thread Collectivepasted image 0

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Who they are: 

The Common Thread Collective is an agency founded and run by eCommerce entrepreneurs. They’ve taken their experience running successful eCommerce businesses and used it to help others find the same success. 

The Common Thread Collective is a full-service marketing agency with employees across the US and Canada. They also provide free education in the form of a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.  

Why we love them: 

The teams at The Common Thread Collective understand the unique experience of running an eCommerce business. They partner with you and focus on your brand’s overall health, rather than just marketing. 

They have worked with eCommerce giants such as The North Face and Lulu Lemon, but also with startups and small businesses, such as a razor brand run by a husband and wife team.

All of their Full Growth clients get access to a proprietary tool called Statlas that allows The Common Thread Collective to create benchmarks for your brand using data collected from their other clients. This way, they can create strategies based on what they know works. 

2. Thrive Digital

Who they are: 

Thrive Digital is an agency from Vancouver, Canada that works with brands all over the world. Their focus is creating sustainable growth through online marketing experimentation. They aim to be bold but intentional with their strategies. They pride themselves on experimenting to find creative growth solutions. 

Why we love them: 

Thrive Digital wants your brand to be a breath of fresh air. They don’t want you to blend in with similar brands in your industry, but rather stand out. They’ve worked with some major brands like Asana, MasterClass, Uber, and Tempur-Pedic. 

They foster a culture of collaboration and don’t believe in bashing ideas or working with a top-down structure. Thrive Digital works on monthly contracts with a 30-day cancellation clause so you’re not roped in if they’re not delivering results.

3. Structured Agency

Who they are: 

Structured Agency has been in the business for 15 years. They focus on using data-backed strategies that they adapt to your brand. They offer a full range of services including in-house content creation. 

Why we love them: 

Structured Agency is results driven. They use their experience and knowledge to help you see growth quickly. They regularly review market trends and adapt their strategies. They also provide regular check-ins and progress updates so you know exactly what’s happening with your project throughout the entire process. 

4. Spray Marketing

Statistics from Spray Marketing, an eCommerce marketing agency. $40M annual media spend. 150% higher ROI than industry standards. 255% average client growth rate.

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Who they are: 

Spray Marketing is a female-founded agency that works with a smaller team to avoid having middlemen. The people you speak with are the people working on your project. This ensures clear communication and less wait time. They relentlessly test and refine tactics to ensure results. 

Why we love them: 

Not only are you working directly with the experts who will be working on your projects, but every account manager with Spray Marketing has at least 10 years of performance marketing experience.

5. Brand Caffeine

Who they are: 

Brand Caffeine is a digital agency that specialises in paid ads, email and SMS marketing, SEO, and UGC content creation. Located in New York City, they work with B2C brands to build brand awareness and ROI. 

Why we love them: 

Brand Caffeine is unique in that they are made up of brand owners and influencers who have proven abilities in driving online revenue and growth. 

Founded by a social-media-savvy influencer, this agency knows how to create content that captures the attention of your audience and drives growth. 

6. Storia

Who they are: 

Storia is an agency that focuses on the story of your brand to craft strategies that spark growth. They use your unique positioning to create content that captivates your audience and builds connections.  

Why we love them: 

Storia cares about what’s at the heart of your brand. They use the power of creative storytelling to build relationships with your consumers and make a lasting impression on your audience. 

They’ve worked with companies as large as Amazon Studios and Coca-Cola. If they don’t offer a particular service that you need, they have a sister agency that likely does - with a focus on live events and stunts. 

7. Social SEO

Human pyramid of employees from eCommerce marketing agency Social SEO.

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Who they are: 

This digital marketing giant started with one man and has grown in to a national brand. Based in Colorado Springs, USA, they know the importance of customer and employee retention and happiness and build that into their business model. Their founder started building websites in 1996 and never looked back. 

Why we love them: 

Their founder has been in the digital space since the early days of accessible internet. Social SEO also knows that company culture can greatly affect the success of an organisation, and firmly believe that it’s more than bean bag chairs and free beer. 

Social SEO is arguably one of the top marketing agencies in the US. They’ve worked with a wide range of brands including Jaguar, Don Julio, Ace Hardware, and Cadillac. In 2021, Upcity ranked Social SEO as the #1 Digital Marketing Firm in America. 

8. Kobe Digital

Who they are: 

Kobe Digital is an agency that uses a wide variety of collaborating specialists to get ideas and perspectives from a range of professionals. They use their vast knowledge base to build marketing solutions that tackle brand challenges. 

Why we love them: 

Kobe Digital takes a unique approach, working as three distinct groups each based on a particular marketing discipline. Kobe Design focuses on brand identity, web design and apps. 

Kobe Media creates media campaigns to promote awareness and sales. And Kobe Studios works with brands to create engaging video content. These three groups collaborate to create a varied strategy for your brand to produce the best results. 

9. Major Tom

Who they are: 

Major Tom is a Canadian-based marketing agency that aims to create a clear strategy for your brand out of the chaotic and complex digital landscape that businesses are currently trying to navigate. 

Why we love them: 

Major Tom sees your brand challenges as a symptom of an underlying issue. Rather than simply solve the problem you’re facing and leave you to face another bump down the road, Major Tom digs deep into your brand to find the root of the issue and help you create a strategy that will prevent similar challenges from cropping up again. 

They also allow brands to invest in one single digital service at a time if you don’t feel you need the entire package. They’ve worked with brands such as DoorDash, L’Oréal, Hootsuite, Canon, and more.

10. The Speakeasy Agency

List of services from The Speakeasy eCommerce marketing agency

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Who they are: 

The Speakeasy Agency is a full-service eCommerce marketing agency that works with clients across North America and Europe. They are budget-friendly but don’t let that fool you into thinking their services will only be suitable for small businesses.

Why we love them: 

Despite classifying themselves as “affordable”, The Speakeasy Agency has worked with behemoth brands such as Red Bull, Bumble, and Bacardi, just to name a few. What really makes The Speakeasy Agency stand out is that they offer an ROI guarantee on all paid ad campaigns. They also have 24/7 support.

Final Thoughts 

Working with an eCommerce marketing agency can be a game-changer. The right agency will provide your brand with essential insights and the professional guidance needed to navigate the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. They can work with your unique goals to propel your brand towards growth.


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