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Why These Phone Case Brands Scaled with Ambassador Marketing

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 4 minute read

Despite the economic uncertainty of the early 2020s, some eCommerce brands managed to experience massive growth. Some of those that managed to find the doorway to success are brands that have relied on ambassador software to amplify their marketing strategies.

As far as marketing efforts go, ambassador software isn’t a new concept. It’s a tech stack that unlocks a world of ambassador marketing that allows you to find brand advocates who already love what you do. Pretty neat, right? 

By using ambassador software, you can find individuals who support your brand (either as a customer or social media follower) to serve as micro-influencers that shout about your products across all their socials. 

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Unlike celeb influencers with thousands of followers, micro-influencers are ordinary people with fewer followers to whom they have a strong and authentic connection. 

More and more, consumers are starting to recognise that paid promotions with celeb influencers are no different to billboard ads. These kinds of promotions are therefore becoming less impactful across all social channels. 

If I told a friend about a new product I tried that I really loved, they’d be more inclined to check it out in their own time than they would have if they’d seen the product on a billboard. And that’s why micro-influencer (or ambassador) marketing is so impactful - because it feels like an ordinary product recommendation from a friend. 

You’re probably wondering, “But how do I get brand ambassadors to market my products?” And here’s the answer: ambassador software. 

These Phone Case Brands Used Ambassadors to Grow Revenue

Let’s take a look at two examples where phone case and tech accessories retailer brands The Kase and Casely scaled their revenue with the aid of ambassador software. 


Prior to signing up for our platform, Casely spent a large amount of time manually reaching out to potential ambassadors on Instagram, inviting them to join their loyalty program. It was a time-consuming task and the desired results were never really met. 

By signing up with us, Casely was able to automate this task, as well as the ambassador recruitment process, which gave them more time to pursue other business-related efforts.

Setting up an ambassador program through our platform also allowed the brand to reach individuals across the globe and coordinate communication with each person from one centralised platform. This was another time-saving win that hugely changed the way their previous loyalty program functioned.

Their ambassador engagement rates became much higher as they were able to curate new ambassador missions via our app, which generated new leads and sales that Casely could track in real time. 

This ambassador marketing strategy consequently scaled Casely’s social media impressions and multiplied their direct reach to over 200 million consumers

casely ambassador celine mhn

The Kase

Just like most retail outlets, French phone accessories company The Kase also had to close their stores as per lockdown regulations following the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Suddenly, they could only rely on sales via their online store to drive revenue. The Kase didn’t have an affiliate program before using ambassador software and only worked with a handful of influencers that created content for the brand. 

The Kase felt that they would need to expand their sales outside of France if they were to remain afloat and decided to invest in an ambassador software platform that would offer them the tools to do so. 

After signing up with us, The Kase was given ambassador software tools that allowed the brand to acquire a pool of over 2000 ambassadors across Europe. This enhanced their brand awareness outside of France and ultimately grew their customer base despite regulations that kept consumers at home. 

Our software tools enabled The Kase to create social media campaigns such as their Unik Club Community, where ambassadors and social media users were encouraged to post interesting content across social media using the tag #IAmUnik.



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