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10 Ways You Can Create Better Content as a Micro-Influencer

Andrea Haddon
By Andrea Haddon | 7 minute read

So, you’re probably reading this because you need a little boost in your current micro-influencer game, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge and experience with micro-influencers and brand ambassadors. Growing and learning will set you apart from others in the industry and, as evidence shows on all social media channels, more and more brands are using personas like yourself to reach the engagement they need.

Before we begin, let’s make sure you have a clear understanding of the difference between influencers and ambassadors.

Now let’s get into the good stuff! Here are 10 ways you can create better content as a micro-influencer so you can maximise your earning potential as a brand ambassador. 

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10 Ways to Create Better Content

1. Style & Photograph Content Like a Pro

User-generated content (UGC) is by far becoming every brand’s top priority. Think about it - what’s the point of going through all the hard work and effort of getting a good shot if you don’t gain the attention of your audience or the brand you’re advocating for? Let’s take a closer look at how you can create better content to feature in the news feed of the brand you’re working with.

  • Ensure your lighting is on point. Lighting in a photograph is often the only thing that separates a good image from a great one. 
  • Have a look at other micro-influencers that have featured on the brand’s page. You’ll notice a ‘type’ of UGC the brand uses. We’re not saying you need to create the same content as others, but it is likely the brand has a look and feel that they prefer and therefore will use your content if they feel it matches their brand. 
  • Show the brand logo when photographing products. A logo creates a visual representation of a product. If it’s not showing in your image, brands will be less likely to use your content due to poor product placement.

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2. Find Your Niche

You may find that your audience isn’t fully engaged with you or the content you’re providing. This may be because you haven’t narrowed down your niche enough. The more focused your niche is the more likely you’ll find a community that loves what you do. You will also create a great social buzz within the small community that engages with that niche. Here are 3 questions you could ask yourself to help determine your niche: 

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What are you most knowledgeable about? How much do you know about what you’re sharing? Your audience will trust you completely when they feel like what they gain from you is real and true.
  • What could you happily create content for without necessarily making money from? 

Fabletics @ninahepe 1-1

3. Stay Authentic, Unique & On-Brand    

Now that you have an understanding of your niche it’s time to focus on how to stay authentic, unique, and on-brand. In a pool of roughly one billion Instagram users each month, what’s giving you the exciting edge on social media? Your unique character will lock your audience in as well as any brands who feel your character suits their vibe.

Do your homework on the brands that best suit your unique style. It’s much easier to advocate for a brand that you can already relate to. Of course, a love for the brand is a must, but you also need to understand the ins and outs of that brand. For example, would alcohol be appropriate if present in your content? How would they feel about too much skin showing? Can anything in your content be offensive to any of the brand’s other viewers? 

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4. Curate an Aesthetic Feed

Having a feed that draws an audience in is important. If a potential follower visits your profile for the first time and likes what they see, they'll most likely go through your content and engage further. From that engagement, you will likely gain new followers due to the aesthetic of your profile.

This aesthetic needs to be seen on all your social media channels, stories, reels, and videos and it needs to read as your visual persona. The ultimate goal is for your followers to see a piece of your content and know it’s you before reading your handle.

Hailey_bush_ _ For Browze

UGC images, first: @katescreat1vek1tchen for East Coast Lifestyle, second: @hailey_bush_ for Browze, third: @ninahepe for Fabletics cover: @kevintheconqueror88 for D’IYANU

5. Write Meaningful Captions

Gone are the days when a pretty photo and emojis for a caption would create huge engagement and growth on social media. Your followers are looking for authenticity - an element of rawness and real life. Create captions that engage with your audience. Ask your followers questions and allow a safe space for responses to those questions.

It’s also important that you stay confident and don’t become shy when talking to your audience. Leave your insecurities behind and brace yourself! The best in the business show the good and the bad, the ups with the downs! You need to be relatable, open, and honest with your audience. That way you’ll create unbreakable, impactful relationships.

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6. Use The Latest Social Media Features 

It’s important to utilise all of the features of each platform for maximum reach. Introduce carousels into Instagram feeds and share up to 10 images at one time. Create a reel of great video content that you may not have done yet. Share your content as well as glimpses of your more personal 'everyday' life in your stories. Get creative on TikTok and find an audience that can relate to you there. Start a blog post that can further your engagement on your social media channels. 

7. Make Yourself Available for Sponsorships & Collabs

If you’re at a point where brands can reach out to you (and not the other way around) you need to make sure you’re open and available to work with them. Ensure you have a ready-to-go pitch as well as a clear and appropriate price for your work.

Keep up to date with your social media stats - page growth, page likes, engagement rate, etc so if you need to produce these numbers you don’t have to spend too much time on them. 

8. Keep Up With Your Community Vibe

A great community vibe is what keeps your audience coming back for more. But slacking on your community management may result in a huge follower decrease - comments and engagement will drop and your overall content will get lost in the crowd.

The algorithm as we know it means that the more people engage with your content the more your content will be seen by others.

Try and actively respond to every comment and share with a meaningful reply, or preferably a question. By asking a question about the shared content, you are encouraging a conversation on the new shared content and that will automatically start the algorithm up again. 

9. Always Provide Value to The Conversation

This ties in with the above point. Yes, you should be responding to every comment, but you should be doing so by adding more value to the content you’ve shared. Take things to the next level with every conversation starter that comes up. Your audience will see through you when you simply respond with generic replies.

Ocean Bottle UGC

10. Keep Your Bio Up to Date

Your bio is your be-all! It’s the first thing people see after clicking on your profile and therefore should be very informative about who you are and what you stand for. 

Firstly, ensure you have a clear image of yourself as your profile picture. That way you are recognisable and approachable.

Secondly, make sure you have all the necessities in your bio. An email for brands is vital so they can get hold of you for further work.

Thirdly, a Linktree is advised as followers may want to learn more about you through different platforms.

Lastly, make use of all available features on the platform you’re working on at the time. If you’re on Instagram, make sure your highlights are updated and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re on LinkedIn, ensure your work experience and website or blog are available. Additionally, you can use a LinkedIn bio generator to help you create a compelling and informative bio.

By using these features, you'll show that you have a great understanding of social media and the industry of micro-influencers.

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