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PopSockets Boosts Ambassador TikToks with Amazing Results

Amy Roberts
By Amy Roberts | 6 minute read

PopSockets have been using TikTok to improve reach, get great content and boost videos that they receive from their ambassador community through Missions on our platform. We caught up with Pierre-Antoine, Social Media Marketing Manager at PopSockets to hear more about the success they’ve seen in the early experimental phase of using TikTok and boosting their ambassadors’ content.

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Brand ambassador, Jess Porter had her TikTok video boosted by PopSockets and was thrilled by the results for the growth of her personal account, sharing that, “I've had almost 47k views on it and 12.3k likes! I can’t thank you guys enough. It's brought some new followers to my page too! I’m now on 35.2k followers!”

Boosting an ambassador’s content is a win for both brand and the ambassador. Let’s dive into the Q&A with Pierre-Antoine and learn more about their success.

Q&A with Pierre-Antoine

Seeing Results With Organic UGC on TikTok 

You recently started to focus on the synergy between your ambassador community and TikTok to improve reach and get content. Could you tell us a bit about how you’re achieving that and what results you’ve seen so far? 

Close to 100% of the content we publish on our TikTok profile comes from our ambassadors. In the first semester of 2021, ambassadors part of the #ChicCrew posted 280 videos resulting in 4M organic views! 

This is all thanks to the cleverly created Missions giving the right incentives for selected ambassadors. Once we reviewed the first submitted videos, we identified the best creators. Then, next missions with higher rewards would be available for these top ambassadors only, guaranteeing top-quality content and a great way to nurture our relationship with them.

The Fastest Gen Z Growing Platform

Why is TikTok a channel you’ve decided to focus on?

First, we could not be absent from the fastest Gen Z growing platform. For a large part of this generation, TikTok is their first social media platform (sometimes even the only one). In other words, it is becoming the best place to reach them. Moreover, the Facebook/Instagram monopoly has lasted long enough, TikTok is refreshing for both our community and our brand, diversity is key in the media mix too. 

Adapting Strategy for TikTok's Audience

Do you find that your audience is different on TikTok when compared to social channels and if so, how do you change your messaging (or Missions) to suit the audience on the platform?

The audience is different, not only younger than on our social channels but also more engaging, more eager to share their opinions and tag their friends. From a marketing perspective, organic metrics such as profile visits, likes, comments, clicks to the website, are higher than on any other social channel. 

When it comes to our tone of voice, no major change since we have always been appealing to a younger generation. However, we are learning the codes of TikTok, which we find more complex (in a good way), pushing us to closely follow trends and be very reactive. Fortunately, our community helps us keep pace thanks to their creativity.

Boosting Community Content on TikTok

You’ve also started boosting some of your ambassador posts. Could you explain to us how that works? What results have you and your ambassadors seen from boosting? 

As the quality of content from our ambassadors improves, we decided to show our appreciation to our most creative members by boosting their TikTok videos. In other words, ambassadors let us push their video with ad budget, in exchange we can add a CTA driving to our website. It’s a win-win deal: ambassadors see their video views, profile views, followers and engagements suddenly increase, while as a brand we drive awareness, traffic to our website and brand credibility.

In 2021, we boosted videos from 10 ambassadors resulting in 1M reach and 20K link clicks to our website. In addition, we just reached 10K followers on our profile, partly thanks to these activities. As importantly, we received fantastic feedback from these creators who saw their visibility surge in a short period of time.

Tapping Into TikTok Trends

How do you utilise Missions on our app to achieve your goals on TikTok? Is there an example of a Mission that you could share to support this?

We could go straight to the point with a “Boost your TikTok video” Mission, in which we ask ambassadors to create an educational video about our products and the best ones would be selected for a boost.

In addition, we keep up with popular TikTok trends or challenges and turn them into Missions such as “Slow Zoom”, “Romanticise your life” or “Play the photo crop challenge”. Again, we will leverage the best videos with a boost to generate more visibility for both ambassadors and us.

Advice for eCommerce Brands Using TikTok

What advice would you give to other eCommerce brands who are trying to leverage their ambassador communities to increase their reach on TikTok?

First, be there! TikTok is new for a large part of your community, give them some time to get the hang of it by creating easy Missions. Then, show your appreciation with extra rewards to your most engaged ambassadors and create Missions just for them. Stay on top of the platform’s trends and if possible, think local.  


It was great to see the success of collaborations between brands and their ambassadors with win-win results for both parties and we can’t wait to see more results like this!

Our platform is not just a place where brands can access ambassador software but also a place where they can connect with like-minded eCommerce brands to further scale through epic partnerships. 

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Where to Next?

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