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5 Impactful Brand Ambassador Practices for 2021

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 26 February, 2021

Enlisting a brand ambassador to help market your business may be a great stride away from traditional marketing, but that doesn’t mean the act of campaigning or strategising falls away. In fact, there are a number of brand ambassador practices to keep in mind while planning a social media campaign that will drive sales

Ambassador marketing has increased in popularity over the last few years, because it replicates the feeling of receiving a product recommendation from a friend. But after Covid-19 struck, even the initial model of ambassador marketing shifted slightly in order to meet the new demands of a world in lockdown.    

One thing we’ve learnt is that the way you communicate with your brand ambassadors is incredibly important, especially in this time where everybody has faced a collective sense of uncertainty and disbelief about the state of the world.    

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In 2020, Repsly made a list of the four most impactful brand ambassador practices, which included the following guidelines:

  • Your company will attract more attention with a strong social media strategy.
  • Listen to what your brand ambassadors tell you about your products or events, so you can learn from them.
  • Plan campaigns that are data-driven, so that you can monitor the responses to your products or the work your ambassadors are doing with measurable stats.
  • Encourage your brand ambassadors to express themselves and represent your products through their own unique content ideas. This will help them feel more involved in the marketing process.  

Although this list offers sage advice that remains relevant today, we believe that this year’s most impactful brand ambassador practices will look a little different. 

Allison + Partners recently published a report in which they highlighted some of the guiding principles brands should adopt during this time of great uncertainty. All of their tips deeply resonated with the principles of the Brandbassador platform, so we decided to share a quick breakdown of the guidelines here:

1. Check in with Your Ambassadors 

At the end of the day, we’re all human. This means that we feel emotions and we experience loss and pain in similar ways. The last year has been no stranger to these emotions due to the loss and pain of Covid-19. This is why it’s important to check in on your brand ambassadors to see how they’re doing, and if there are any additional resources or insights you can offer them at this time. 

You could even send a message simply to ask if they’re okay. This act alone will build loyalty between you and your ambassadors, because you’ll show them that the brand cares about their wellbeing. 

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2. Give Your Ambassadors What You Can

If your company provides essential items, or something that could make a person feel spoiled, then you’re in a position to lift your supporters’ spirits. Brighten their day by sending something directly to your ambassadors, whether it’s a free product or a practical gift like hand sanitiser. This will give your brand the chance to show compassion and offer support in a real, tangible way.

3. Listen and Learn 

Think of your ambassadors as the flies on the wall to society. They are your ticket to being ‘in the know’ when it comes to your supporters. Your ambassadors often know what’s trendy and what could attract more interest in your brand before you do, so give them the chance to speak up and convey information about your supporters that you might not be aware of. Listen to them and apply it to your social campaigns going forward.

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4. Offer Greater Opportunities 

Allison + Partners suggests that dedicated focus groups with brand ambassadors are highly impactful when it comes to content strategising. Hosting a type of ‘influencer roundtable’ meeting will allow you to connect with your ambassadors (and for them to connect with each other) through the common goal of promoting your brand. It will make your ambassadors feel as important as any other employee of your company, and shine a spotlight on them as an integral force within your marketing department.  

It will also give you the opportunity to learn about content ideas that are completely outside the box.

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5. Do Your Part to Help

There are some wonderful initiatives where companies are doing their best to help fellow communities and friends in need. If your company is able to assist, then try and plug into an initiative or create one where you can help humanity in a meaningful way. 

Encourage your brand ambassadors to do the same by either joining your initiative or starting one of their own. This will show consumers and your brand representatives that your company genuinely does care about the livelihoods of its supporters. 

Taking the Next Step...

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Marike Watson
Written By Marike Watson
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