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How 3 Brands Prospered with Micro-Influencers During Global Uncertainty

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 4 minute read

The pandemic of 2019 left brands with a series of challenges. Especially in the fields of brand awareness and micro-influencer marketing campaigns. With more brands moving online and competing in the eCommerce space, it became hard to break through the noise of social media. Lockdown regulations restricted brands and their ambassadors from going anywhere so creating location-based content became an impossible task. 

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It was at the onset of this realisation that brands, who had already signed up with Brandbassador, started brainstorming new ways to maintain their ambassador marketing campaigns without putting anyone’s health at risk. 

Now, brands are tasked with marketing in a recession. Let’s take a look at how three of our brands found success in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic - and how you can learn from them to thrive through any period of economic uncertainty.

3 Ways Brands Prospered During Global Uncertainty

1. Value in International Growth

Swedish jewellery brand, Safira, signed up with Brandbassador with the aim of gaining a diverse brand following and growing through social media influencer marketing. This goal may have seemed unimaginable to achieve during the pandemic, but through our trusted platform, Safira saw immense brand growth on an international scale. 

Brandbassador was able to connect Safira with potential brand ambassadors scattered all around the globe, despite not being able to travel. This led to a diversification in their content, as each of their ambassadors came from varying cultures and backgrounds. 

Each ambassador also interpreted their marketing missions in different ways, which helped Safira retain versatility across their social posts. Hopping onto ‘at-home’ trends also offered them a sense of relatability. By embracing the ‘bubble braid and bold jewellery’ trend, for example, Safira tapped into a relatable social movement that was taking place with everyday consumers at home. 

Their use of the ‘nailing it’ trend is another example of a successful campaign in which Safira inspired their ambassadors to build UGC (user-generated content) for the brand. The campaign called on ambassadors at home to showcase their mani’s and pedi’s while adorned in Safira’s signature range of jewellery. 

As a result, Safira’s online reach skyrocketed to over 25 million interactions in the last year. And it is through our platform that they were able to utilise the tools to continue elevating their brand amidst the pitfalls of COVID-19’s spread.

2. An Agile Approach to Switch Things Up

Mobile accessories brand, The Kase, felt the misfortunes of the pandemic by having to close up their stores and rely solely on eCommerce to keep the company afloat. 

By using our platform, the Kase was able to partner with new brand ambassadors throughout Europe. This enabled the brand to start an online community called UNIK Club, which their ambassadors were motivated to join with social posts using the hashtags #IAmUnik and #UNIK_CLUB.  

At this stage, everyone was encouraged to stay at home, so the Kase knew they had to switch things up if they wanted to succeed. The brand immediately altered their missions on the Brandbassador platform by creating new discount codes and sale opportunities for their ambassadors. Newly-generated content could now be produced from home, so The Kase’s ambassadors weren’t expected to perform any impractical tasks. 

Changing social media missions for multiple ambassadors may seem like hefty manual labour to tackle, but our platform’s user-friendly navigation allowed the company to make these changes with ease. Ultimately, the response was well-received, and The Kase reaped prosperous results

3. Connecting You to Ambassadors That Are Trendy

Due to the ongoing pandemic, more and more brands have felt the need to bring their ambassador marketing missions ‘indoors’. The only problem? There are only so many things a person can do before being indoors becomes boring. 

One of our brands that secured a prosperous outcome in this shift from outdoors to indoors was Inkbox, the Canadian temporary tattoo company. 

Inkbox initially enlisted Brandbassador to help manage multiple brand ambassador missions in one central place. Through our platform, Inkbox also teamed up with several TikTok personalities just as video content started booming.

Instagram Reels and TikToks were gaining global fame and recognition overnight. To make use of this opportunity alongside their TikTok ambassadors, Inkbox developed the ‘Home with Inkbox’ campaign.    

This mission motivated ambassadors to create interesting videos of how they were applying their temporary tattoos at home. Soon after, the ambassadors’ regular followers started doing the same. 

Within a few weeks, Inkbox had plenty of aspirational and relatable content to showcase on their socials that involved both the ambassadors and their followers.  

These videos became enormously popular because they showed social media users a new and interesting way to pass the time at home, which resulted in great brand awareness growth for Inkbox

Your Brand Can Also Prosper During this Time

Economic uncertainty and global issues come with many challenges for brands. But the Brandbassador platform offers valuable tools to structure brand campaigns in any social environment. We connect brands with people from countries around the world on a daily basis, and we provide a management system for those connections too.

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